About Balmus

  THE BALMUS ENSEMBLE was founded in Boston, MA (USA) in 2001 with a vision to involve artists from diverse cultural and musical backgrounds and show their works to a wide audience while preserving the musical treasures of the Balkans and beyond. We have a passion for presenting authentic traditional melodies.
  For us, presenting traditional melodies in a new, more contemporary context is more than just a form of artistic expression. It is also a tribute to the cultures from which those melodies originate, and more importantly, our contribution towards keeping those cultures alive.
  What brings elements (and artists) from so many different environments together is a passion for musical narrative. By putting traditional stories and legends into new music and even combining them cross-culturally, we give them life. Music is the true international language, so it is the perfect medium for the preservation of different cultures, as well as the growth and development of traditional themes.

  The group gathers composers, performers and other artists, whose goal is creating a new music style which incorporates a wide range of visual, performing and media arts into innovative live performances, sound, video and installation works. Balmus artists are committed to the development and presentation of new original, risk- taking, and experimental artwork in all media, particularly music.

   Our primary concern is the artist, and what s/he needs in order to develop the work. The next step is informing and educating the audience, which in turn becomes a more active participant in the performance. This participation is the final ingredient for a successful Balmus experience.

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